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Photo Life

My photography story started in Chicagoland during my high school years working for the school newspaper and yearbook while practicing with film and winning several local awards. I expanded my experience in my undergraduate years by taking an experimental class with Holga and working for the university photographer as his assistant while bringing my Nikon D40 along anywhere I could. Additionally, during my semester abroad in Barcelona, I studied local urban and lifestyle photography. Because of my love for music and the fan community sense of family, I began bringing my Nikon D750 camera along to concerts and festivals. And this is where I am now.

Want to learn a little more about me?

I live in brewery central of Fort Collins in colorful Colorado with my three large dogs Goya, Lyka, and Nox. I am a succulent and cacti fanatic and seller that has well over 500 species. In my undergraduate studies, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Environmental Studies and for my graduate studies, I finished a Master's of Science in Geography with a specialization in hydrology. In my day job, I am the National Water Resource Database Administrator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the Department of the Interior.